B-BBEE Verifications and Consulting

B-BBEE Verifications and Consulting

B-BBEE Consulting

Masegare & Associates Incorporated is able to assist organisations with the development of B-BBEE strategies that comprise practicable, long and short-term goals for each of the evaluation elements that apply to their clients in order to ultimately attain and maintain their desired B-BBEE status levels. We are able to take on the roles and responsibilities of an in-house B-BBEE Department and provide services that include ensuring all B-BBEE information is kept up to date such as:


  • Advising on changes to B-BBEE legislation and/or compliance requirements
  • Identifying opportunities to improve B-BBEE status level through specific actions or initiatives
  • Maintaining a repository of valid supplier status level certificates and following up with suppliers as these near expiration date
  • Maintaining verification evidence in preparation for the next B-BBEE verification
  • Monitoring adherence to B-BBEE targets set for recruitment, procurement, investment, and donations
  • Regularly reporting on the achievement of B-BBEE targets set by the organisation
  • B-BBEE Strategy Development

B-BBEE Training

Masegare & Associates Incorporated BEE Services continues to keep abreast of all the latest changes in B-BBEE environment and regularly provides its clients with updates, at workshops or training sessions.