Business Start-up Consulting

Masegare & Associates Incorporated recognises that starting a new business is an enormous task that requires an entrepreneur to navigate through a vast number of steps, and having us as your available experts, can significantly improve the chances of success. It can be a time saver and highly reduce budget requirements. Just by avoiding costly mistakes alone. As a business start-up, consulting services come with invaluable benefits. Masegare & Associates Incorporated have helped over 500 start-ups with their early steps of an enterprise, since its date of incorporation.

Our unique expertise and diverse entrepreneurial experience blends real business insight and offers practical solutions to those looking to start a new business.

How do clients benefit?

  • Clients gain a better understanding of the requirements in the early stages of forming a business and venture.
  • Clients can avoid making costly mistakes and gain faster expertise, which gives them an advantage in progressing to the next phase a lot
  • Clients are able to focus on other vital elements of the newly formed enterprise without being bogged down in what is often a rigorous and time-consuming Clients are then able to focus on their long- term business vision and goals.
  • Gain access to expertise and knowledge immediately as a business start-up and
  • Get help with business tasks to accomplish business
  • Eliminate guessing game and learning curves, execute with experience from the
  • Add executive level help and experience as needed to assist with key
  • Have access to skills for specific tasks – fast and

Masegare & Associates Incorporated Assists the Client With:

  • Business Planning (Strategic and Operational), including product/services, pricing, distribution/positioning, promotion and brand development, production plan, manpower planning, risk analysis:
  • Business Process, including accounting & assurance, tax advisory, secretarial, compliance, financial planning, including budgeting, financial forecasts, assistant with accessing business funding,
  • Legal Business Formation
  • Business Structure Development
  • Marketing Services, including research services
  • Sales Efforts,