Financial Planning & Advisory Services

Financial Planning & Advisory Services

This unique business unit of Masegare & Associates Incorporated offers both business and individuals with the consulting expertise to secure your financial well-being. We offer a full range of wealth advisory and financial planning services to individuals, companies and estates. Our goal is to help our clients get to the right solutions so we can positively contribute to their lives.

We are a local firm of audit, tax and advisory specialists, and everyone should have the opportunity to live the life they want.

How can we help you to get there?

Why Use A Certified Financial Planner(CFP)?

The CFP designation is internationally recognised as the benchmark for professional advice. Holders of this designation have met stringent qualification and competency requirements as well as abide by unequivocal ethical standards. This means that not only will you have peace of mind regarding the technical accuracy of the advice but also the integrity that underpins it. Added to this is the fact that we are a FPI Approved Professional Practice.

What Is an FPI Approved Professional Practice?


Being a member of the Financial Planning Institution (FPI), as well as the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa,(IASSA) and the industry regulator, Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) makes our


business to stand out amongst its peers and sends a clear message to your clients that your practice adheres to the highest levels of global standards and ethics in financial planning. It also validates that your practice is following the six-step financial planning process and that you place the needs and objectives of your clients at the heart of your business.

In addition, our membership demonstrate that we have a set the benchmark for professionalism and standards in financial planning in South Africa.

The FPI also recognises financial planning businesses that meet specific quality standards and measures as an FPI Approved Professional Practice – there are currently only 14 financial advisory businesses in South Africa that are a FPI Approved Professional Practice. These businesses stand out amongst their peers as adhering to the highest levels of standards and ethics in financial planning. Not all awards are equal, just as not all Financial Planners are equal. We are proud of the recognition we have achieved as the benchmark for professional financial planning in South Africa for 2020.

Financial Planning

Your life is a mixture of circumstances, priorities, and aspirations. And there’s likely a gap between where you are now and where you see your life in the future. Our role is to help you bridge this gap and get you to where you want to be. Founded on the basis of your personal values, we use wealth strategies, financial actions and a continuous sharing of knowledge to take you to the future you desire.

We are your partners in life and business, helping you make better financial decisions to maximise your wealth. We will guide you on how to implement the right solutions with the right product and service providers so that your financial plan will help you live your best life possible with the money you have.

Our advice includes:
  • Retirement planning
  • Business Assurance, including Key Man Insurance and Buy and Sell Insurance (Shareholder Insurance)
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Trust registration, structuring and administration
  • Pension fund preservation
Our Fiduciary Advisory & Services

A fiduciary / trustee is a person who, when appointed, has a legal duty to act in your best interest. At MAI Wealth Advisers we pride ourselves in our independent and trusted advice, provided over the past 14 years by our professionals to ensure that both in your living years, and after, your family, wealth and wishes are protected. Taking your wealth beyond your living years and ensuring your legacy.

Our Fiduciary Solutions:
  • Trust administration
  • Will and Estate planning
  • Deceased Estate administration
  • Legal agreements relating to wealth

Corporate Employee Benefits

MAI will help you to find the best recipe for your investments, risk, and medical benefits. Our employee benefits and Healthcare are independent advisory and administration businesses that help corporate employers get to the right solutions for their employee benefit needs. We will help you find the best recipe for your investments, risk and medical benefits.

Retirement Benefits

Employee Benefits are the means of acknowledging your staff’s contribution and retaining critical talent. Our employee benefits experts will partner with you to create a comprehensive package of benefits that meets both your – and your employees – needs. Lack of understanding is generally the most common cause of staff withdrawing their pension fund after they resign or are retrenched. Misinformation leads to a lack of cover or too much. Do you choose a provident fund or pension fund? Often, a consultation is all it takes to help guide on decisions regarding pension plans, pension policies, income replacement, disability insurance, funeral cover, medical benefits and more.

Benefit and Design Advice

Because we appreciate and value your understanding of your business, our approach involves listening to your needs and reviewing your current employee benefits fund. We then help you to project your future requirements – and provide you with workable solutions, as well as a system that best suits your needs. Our employee benefits are able to assist with so much more than just your Corporate Benefits. In association with our advisors, we have experienced financial planners who can provide a full range of wealth advisory and financial planning services to individuals, families and deceased estates. Our goal is to help clients get to the right solutions, with strategies tailored to you, your company’s or your family’s specific needs and aspirations.


Medical Aid in South Africa is important if you wish to receive access to private healthcare. Many employees consider medical aid to be expensive and therefore will not join until they are older or feel it is necessary. But what happens if an employee is in a serious accident during working hours and does not receive appropriate care at a state hospital? The family may come to the employer for assistance and you could be obliged to help. The staff member may provide a critical skill that no-one else has in the company. This will then create a serious risk for the company if the staff member does not get immediate and adequate care.

If your company has more than ten employees and the average age is less than 40, many medical schemes offer compulsory membership packages, with no waiting periods, exclusions or late-joiner penalties for over 35-year- olds.

So, where do you start?- Selecting the medical scheme that offers plans for a range of staff members is not so easy. There needs to be access to cheaper plans for the lower income group, and some medical schemes have salary bands for their plans. Ask MAI Healthcare, an independent healthcare adviser, who will be able to advise on several medical schemes and advise which best suits the needs of your company and employees. We will provide presentations for your staff and be able to guide them to select the right plan for their current needs.

At the end of each year your Healthcare adviser will also provide information on the changes in the plans for the following year and assist employees who wish to upgrade their plans, as well as ongoing administration for your group scheme and trouble-shoot claims and any other problems – saving you time, while showing your employees you care.